Community Development

Interventions to Bringing Down Poverty and Crime in Our Communities.

Basic and Primary School – School gardens (vegetables and fruit tree cultivation
Rationale: to facilitate food sovereignty, security and safety; to stretching the family dollar.
and promoting industry from the ground up

Grade 7-9: Junior Business Units
Legal business should be established by Grade 10
Rationale: to foster the building entrepreneurial spirit in the youths from an early age to promote creativity, confidence, and self-sufficiency.

Women in Action – Agriculture, craft, other skills (Info technology, personal finance, etc.)
Rationale: to empower women, who are often the head of the household in the community, by breaking the socioeconomic chains that trap them in a cycle of poverty.

At-risk Youths: art (music, drama, dance), craft, sports, other skills
Rationale: to create an environment to foster critical thinking to change youth world view,
identity, and aspirations

“ATM” and Non-active Dads:
Empowerment workshops, sports and skills
Rationale: to highlight the impact of a dad presence in a child life and nation building.

The Elders:
Games, music, health fair, tea party, art and craft competitions
Rationale: to bridge the gap between the elders and rest of the community; to foster the
transfer of oral history and the continuance of good traditions.


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